Cisco MDS Switch cannot see other switches in a VSAN

Switch cannot see other switches in a VSAN

Some time ISL trunk is up but unable to see VSAN from other MDS switch and you are getting Admin Domain ID mismatch.

Solution is

Either change the overlapping static domain ID by manually configuring a new static domain ID for the isolated switch, or disable the static domain assignment and allow the switch to request a new domain ID after a fabric reconfiguration.

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How to create Zone and activate Zoneset Cisco MDS Switch

How to create Zone and activate Zoneset Cisco MDS Switch

Here in below Example I will describe how to configure Zones and activate them to use multi pathing in Cisco Fabric Switches. configuration may be various in different models.

Scenario :-  We have storage which is connecting to Cisco Fabric MDS Switches . Storage is having Two Controllers and each controller is having two FC connection connected to each Fabric Switch see diagram as below.So each server is making four path to the  storage LUN. So will creates zones and add to the active zoneset and activate the zoneset. by default VSAN1 is in MDS switch it is recommended to create new VSAN make all the zone and zoneset other then VSAN1.


Step -1 Creating Zones on Fabric Switches

Plan Zone Names for all paths . for Example

SPA-ServerNameHBA1-SW1   (on Fabric Switch 1)

SPB-ServerNameHBA1-SW1 (on Fabric Switch 1)

SPA-ServerNameHBA2-SW2 (on Fabric Switch 2)

SPB-ServerNameHBA2-SW2 (on Fabric Switch 2)

Note:- pwwn will be member of Zones

Zones will be the member of Active Zoneset in one VSAN.

a- Login in to Fabric Switch and check the pwwn on connected ports and identify the servers. to do this use command

Note:- I have changed actual address with xx:xx:xx:xx:xx due to security reason.

Here you will identify the ports connected to servers and SAN Storage.

#conf t

Follow the above steps for all your zones need to be created .

Step-2 Now make member of above Zones to active zoneset of your VSAN.

to check which zoneset is active

Now add your all zones to active zoneset. on above output test is the active zoneset on VSAN1. now to test zoneset and add the zones. if you dont have active zoneset same command will create zoneset and you have to active the zoneset.

Step-3 Now you have to activate the zoneset either you have created new zoneset or added new zones to the zoneset.

Step-4 Now save the configuration and exit.

# copy running-config startup-config

Now should be able to see all pwwn in your storage management software.

Cisco Docs for help Click here

Important commands

mds# show flogi database
mds# show zone
mds# show zoneset
mds# sh vsan
mds# sh running-config

Hope it will  be helpful to you. for more help consult MDS switch configuration guide .