LUN and Storage Group mapping rule for EMC VNX SAN Storage


LUN and Storage Group mapping rule for EMC VNX  SAN Storage


CLARiiON AX Series, CLARiiON CX Series,CLARiiON iSCSI Array, VNX, VNXe.


The rule is that multiple hosts can access one Storage Group, but one host cannot access multiple Storage Groups.

1- One Host can be member of one Storage Group at one time ,it can not be member of multiple storage    group

2- One LUN can be member of Multiple Storage Group at same time .

3- You can not connect one storage group to multiple HOST  which is already connected to another storage group. this will create LUN connection fluctuation and disconnection.



For high availability, a server can connect to only one Storage Group per storage system at a time. If you connect a server that already connects to a Storage Group to another Storage Group, the server will disconnect from the first Storage Group. When disconnect a server from a Storage Group, and then connect it to a different Storage Group, the server can no longer perform I/O to the first Storage Group.


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