Goautodial 2.1 Getting Started Guide

Goautodial 2.1 Getting Started Guide

I found the below guide helpfull to start with GOautodial



Download the GoAutoDial CE 2.1 final release from http://goautodial.com/download/ – Burn to CD using program like Nero on Windows or K3B on Linux and configure your server to boot from CD.


Boot machine from the GoAutoDial CD and hit Enter to get started.


The automated installer takes care of everything so you just need to wait for around 15 minutes depending on your hardware for the whole installation process to finish

Starting package installation

Halfway through the package installation

Package Installation almost finished

Running post-install scripts

Installation Complete! Press Enter and remove the installation CD.

System Configurations

Goautodial does not have a desktop manager installed so you need to access it via network from your workstation, the server’s default IP Address is192.168.1.2

Open using Firefox (We highly recommend using Firefox web browser)

username: admin
password: goautodial

Configure Default Gateway

Default Gateway is not configured by default so you have to manually configure it, you can also change the IP Address from the same menu.

Click on Systems/Network > Configuration > eth0 config

Set the default gateway and click Go

Update Database IP

If you changed the IP address of the server you also need to update the IP addresses entries in the database:

Click on Systems/Network > Configuration > Update Database IP

Carrier Configuration

Before you can start dialing, you need to configure your carrier/trunk, if you do not have your own carrier yet you can sign up for an account athttp://goautodial.com/voip-store/

Click in VICIDIAL Admin > Admin > Carriers > Add A New Carrier

Below is a sample carrier configuration:

Registration String:

register => username:password@sip.goautodial.com:5060/username

Account Entry:


Dialplan Entry:


exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@goautodial,,tTo)
exten => _91XXXXXXXXXX,3,Hangup 


exten => _944.,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _944.,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@goautodial,,tTo)
exten => _944,3,Hangup 


exten => _961.,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _961.,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@goautodial,,tTo)
exten => _961,3,Hangup

Activate Newly created Trunk by setting Active = Y and click Submit

How To Load Leads

1. If this is the first time you will load leads, you need to create a List first, go to Lists > Add a New List and make sure you select the campaign you will use, for this guide you can use the default campaign TESTCAMP

See below for a sample .csv format list/leads file:

2127773456,"first1","last1","Address 1","city","NY",12345
2127773456,"first2","last2","Address 2","city","NY",12345
2127773456,"first3","last3","Address 3","city","NY",12345
2127773456,"first4","last4","Address 4","city","NY",12345
2127773456,"first5","last5","Address 5","city","NY",12345

2. Go to Lists > Load New Leads > Browse the list file in .csv format > type the Listid you created in the List ID Override > type 1 in the Phone Code Override if you are calling US numbers > Select Custom Layout > Submit

3. Select the appropriate fields via the drop down menu then click OK TO PROCESS

If the loading of leads is successful you will see something similar to this:

Go to Campaigns > TESTCAMP

You can see that the leads are successfully loaded and there are currently 5 leads in the dial hopper.

If the dial hopper is not being populated try to set the Local Call Time to 24hours:
Campaigns > TESTCAMP > Detail view> Set the Local Call Time to 24 Hours > Submit

Softphone Configurations

Below is a link for 2 of the most popular freely downloadable softphones, for this guide we can use the following SIP account:
Username: 8001
Password: goautodial

  1. Xlite 4 Configuration
  2. Zoiper Classic Configuration

Agent Login

1. Open and click the AGENT LOGIN link:

2. Login using one of the default user accounts.

Phone Login: 8001
Phone Password: goautodial
User Login: agent001
User Password: goautodial
Campaign: TESTCAMP

After clicking on SUBMIT your phone/extension will ring, ANSWER the call and you will hear “You are currently the only person in this conference” DO NOT HANG UP.

3. If the campaign is configured as Manual/Preview dialing you will see the agent screen below, Click DIAL NEXT NUMBER > DIAL LEAD , If the campaign is configured for Predictive Dialing Mode just click the RESUME button to start receiving calls.

If the call is successful you will see the LIVE CALL indicator turn to GREEN, If you are in Predictive Dialing Mode you will hear a short beep sound every time a call comes in.

4. After each call click HANGUP reverse phone lookup and select a CALL DISPOSITION.



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