How to connect jio SIP Trunk to Analog PBX

How to connect jio SIP Trunk to Analog PBX .

These days there are issues comming with copper lines from which is comming from Telephone exchanges and people want to connect there Analog PBX with Jio SIP trunk or any other SIP trunk provider .but the issue is there are no converter are comming which convert from SIP trunk to Analog lines which can be used in old Analog PBX.

For those people there are simple solution they can use as using FXS gateway  which can give you analog lines to use in your old PBX.

So you can use senario as below

SIP Trunk   —————–>Virtual IP PBX —————–>FXS Gateway ————-> Analog old PBX


How to connect SIP Trunk to old PBX with E1 Port

How to connect  SIP Trunk to old PBX with E1 Port or PRI Port.

Thease days Telecom compinies are offering SIP Trunk to the consumers .Now users are having issues with there old model PBX which is having only E1 port  and does not support SIP trunk . or if SIP trunk is supported then licenses price is very high. As I know Jio is providing SIP Trunk with  SIP Trunk to E1 converter as Sangoma VEGA 100G  for the customers who is getting more then 20 channels .

There are many more brands available in the market as Grandstream,  Dinstar easly available in India.

Now the problem with customers who are getting less the 20 channels they are not getting the converter as free. They have to buy  SIP to E1 Converter . which is avalible in many brands.

Then CASQ-L301 SIP PRI Gateway  is the good option  to use any Indian Telecom company SIP trunk to your old PBX  which is having E1 port.

This device gateway will convert the SIP Trunk to E1  or PRI   and E1 to SIP . you can use both ways.

This is having the following features .

  • Support OPEN VPN
  • Support Port Group Management
  • Simple and convenient configuration wia WEB GUI
  • Support all SIP Trunk  (Airtel, JIO, TATA, BSNL, Spectranet etc)
  • Support multiple SIP registration, Anonymous Endpoint registers with this gateway.
  • Codecs support G711A, G711U, G729A, G723, G722, GSM.
  • Available in 1 port E1/T1/PRI .

There are many more features.  for any query whatsApp +918318841546