How to configure Jio SIP Trunk on Grandstream UCM 6301

How to configure Jio SIP Trunk on Grandstream UCM 6301

jio sip trunk


Jio  TATA Airtel are providing SIP trunk  or SIP PRI as per  sales person.  Jio is providing SIP PRI on Fiber . They are installing fiber connection on your premises .Fiber are being terminated on ONU.

From ONU you are getting one Ethernet cable which is giving you a SIP  connection from there  SIP Server,as they are using Cisco on there end.

Jio provide the following to configure on your end to get enable SIP PRI services.

IP Address   Subnetmask  Gateway IP  > to configure on your end point.

As they only accept SIP session from there provided IP.

SBC IP  > which is the SIP server IP from there end.

Pilot DID Number > They call it Hunt number. its just a land line number of your area.

DID Numbers > This is landline numbers which is  multiply by three to Number of SIP Channels you have taken.

For Example:-  you have taken 10 SIP Channels you will get 30 DID or land line number .


Heare I have taken an example of a small office or factory to deploy IP PBX look at picture above.

In this picture Jio has provided SIP PRI to the office they have terminated fiber on ONU and giving you a ethernet cable to connect to your IP PBX  or Legacy PBX which is having PRI port by SIP to PRI Converter. In this senario I am using the following component. which is fully functional IP PBX senario.

1- Grandstream UCM 6301    (IP PBX)

2- POE Network Switch        (To connect Network Devices and Phones FXS and FXO Gateway)

3- FXS Gateway                      (To use my old telephones )

4- FXO Gateway                     (To use my old PSTN lines )

5- Analog Phone                      (My old Telephones )

6- IP Phone (SIP Phone)  all known as VOIP Phone   (Grandstream SIP Phones)


To Configure Jio SIP Trunk on your Grandstream IP PBX you need to follow the following steps.

1-  Configure IP address and subnet mask on UCM WAN Port .

2- Configure the static route to reach SBC server

3- Create VOIP  Trunk

4-Configure DOD with Pilot DID Number

5- Configure INBOUND Route

6- Configure OUTBOUND Route


1-  Configure IP address and subnet mask on UCM WAN Port .













2- Configure the static route to reach SBC server

static route


3- Create VOIP  Trunk

jio sip trunk




SIP setting










advance setting




advance setting1













4-Configure DOD with Pilot DID Number

DOD number



DOD Number will be your pilot number  start with +91STDcodePhonenumber

For example you have taken for lucknow  +915223503000

Name you can define anything which make sense

Here add the extension which will use this pilot number while making outgoing call. So reciver will see this incomming number.















5- Configure INBOUND Route




Pattern will be  +915223503000

Default Mode > Default Destination > Extension       Extension number will be the where you want to land incomming call for this number.

6- Configure OUTBOUND Route




Give any name to this route

Pattern choose calls will go through this route

for Example :- _+91x.            _X.

main Trunk   choose the trunk you have alrady created.


Now you are ready to go .

just dial the numbers and try .

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