Cisco UCS KVM console Connection failed

Cisco UCS KVM console Connection failed

After java update java version 1.8.0_101 I was unable to access Cisco UCS KVM console . I was able to access Cisco UCS manager but not KVM console of the blades. It was working till java version 1.8.0_51.












So I downgraded Java Version then I was able to access KVM console .Till I am not able to get solution on updated java version.

To Add old version of java in your java run time environment do the following.

1- Check your current java JRE version

Go to >start >  search program and files >  type “java”

Click on Configure Java

Click on Java Click on View

















Now Add old version of Java  for example I added 1.7

copy the java folder on    C:\Program Files\Java

Click on Add  go to java folder\bin\javaw.exe

Click on OK











Click on Apply


Now Close UCS Manager  and access UCS Manager and KVM console .

You should be able to access KVM Console .

Hope it will help. if there are not network issues.

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