How to convert SCCP to SIP Cisco Phone 7975G

How to convert SCCP to SIP Cisco Phone 7975G

If you have a phone Cisco Phone 7975G working with SCCP with Cisco Callmanager and now you want to configure this phone with Asterisk PBX with SIP Protocol.









Then you have to upgrade the firmware with SIP firware. For converting to SIP firmware you have to get the SIP firmware from Cisco or Firewallcx website

You have to configure the following .

1- DHCP Server with TFTP option 150 .

2- unzip the firmware files  and locate the path in TFTP server .

3- Reset the Cisco Phone 7975G to load new firmware .

4- XMLDefault.cnf.xml file  and SEP000000000.cnf.xml file

Firmware  files will consist of the following files as in image








For DHCP server TFTP option 150 follow the my article  for mikrotik DHCP server.

Step 1 –  Poweroff the Cisco Phone 7975G  and Press the pound key  (#)

Step 2- Plug the power back  and you will see side buttons will be blinking

step 3-  press 123456789*0#

Now firmware upgrade process will be started  and it will take time  5 to 10 min depends.

After auto reboot your phone will be ready for SIP configuration and it will be looking for SEP_macaddress.cnf.xml file .

If you have already provided on TFTP folder it will load and ready .



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