OpenVPN CRL has expired

OpenVPN CRL has expired

VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=CRL has expired: CN=servername

In order to fix the issue, we just need to recreate the crl.pem file.

we need  to backup the current crl.pem file before creating a new one.

The location of the  crl.pem file  at /etc/openvpn/

#mv  crl.pem  crl.pem.back

Now go to  easy-rsa  folder

# cd  easy-rsa

now generate crl.pem

./easyrsa gencrl

Now copy the new crl.pem to openvpn folder

# cp pr /etc/openvpn/easyrsa/pki/crl.pem

Now restart openvpn service


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