Mikrotik Router winbox login error wrong user name or password

If you are trying to access mikrotik router through winbox and you are confirm your admin password is wright and its not getting you login through winbox. You tried to login through Router console locally and you are able to login. but through winbox you are getting below error.

its giving Error : wrong username or password

So This is because your router has been compromised and the hacker has denied all logins from any IP address except his IP address . like below image.

Now you will have to remove there IP address to access through winbox.

1- Login in to your Mikrotik router console

2-  go to under user    /user >edit admin address   and press Enter

3- Now delete all the IP address 

4- Now press     Ctrl + O

5-  Now try to access through winbox

you should be able to login.


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