How to install CentOS on Remote Server or VPS

How to install CentOS on Remote Server or VPS

If you want to install CentOS remotely on server on slow link  even if you are able to mount the CentOS  installation media as DVD iso .It takes lots of time and some time corrupted installation .

Linux is having a feature Netinstall you can use that feature and install the CentOS as version you want.

1- Download the Netinstall bootable media ISO file version you would like to install.

For demo I am going to install CentOS 5.5 32 bit

1- I went to following directory

and downloaded  CentOS-5.5-i386-netinstall.iso

2- Now Mount the ISO file to your virtual drive or CDROM

3- Boot The server












on the prompt type         linux text


4-  Choose the language










5- Select keyboard type










6- Select  Installation Method









7-  Configure TCP/IP settings









8. Setup CentOS 5.5  Netinstall URL

Web site name:

CentOS directory for i386:


CentOS directory for x86_64:










Fill the Website name

Fill the Centos directory

Click OK

Setup will continue as you are installing local .

For CentOS old Version


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