How to access Centos 7 with windows RDP

How to access Centos 7 with windows RDP

If you want to access your Centos 7 server with windows RDP same as you are accessing windows machine .

Then you need the following packege to install xRDP

1- Add epel reposetry

# yum install -y epel-release

2- Install xRDP

# yum install -y xrdp

3- Enable and start the xRDP service

# systemctl enable xrdp

# systemctl start xrdp

4- Allow firewall to listen 3389 port

# firewall-cmd –add-port=3389/tcp –permanent

# firewall-cmd –reload

If you have GUI enable on your Centos then  just run command  mstsc from windws RUN .

give the username and password of root .

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