How to get back your wireless password from windows 10

How to get back your wireless password from windows 10

Open your Dos Prompt with administrator rights .

Type netsh wlan show profiles  to show saved wireless profiles.

For Example

C:\Users\Dell>netsh wlan show profiles

Profiles on interface Wireless Network Connection 4:

Group policy profiles (read only)


User profiles
All User Profile : AndroidAP4030
All User Profile : Euro-NH-H2
All User Profile : Euro-NH-H1
All User Profile : WWP_OFFICE
All User Profile : gkhan
All User Profile : Noor Alam Khan
All User Profile : MikroTik
All User Profile : BTIL_Hotspot_20AC89


Now to get password for saved wireless profile use command   netsh wlan show profiles “wireless profile name” key=clear

C:\Users\Dell>netsh wlan show profiles “Euro-NH-H2” key=clear

Profile Euro-NH-H2 on interface Wireless Network Connection 4:

Applied: All User Profile

Profile information
Version : 1
Type : Wireless LAN
Name : Euro-NH-H2
Control options :
Connection mode : Connect automatically
Network broadcast : Connect only if this network is broadcasting
AutoSwitch : Do not switch to other networks

Connectivity settings
Number of SSIDs : 1
SSID name : “Euro-NH-H2”
Network type : Infrastructure
Radio type : [ Any Radio Type ]
Vendor extension : Not present

Security settings
Authentication : WPA2-Personal
Cipher : CCMP
Security key : Present
Key Content : password                      (this the wireless key password)



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