How to create scripts in Vicidial for Inbound or OutBound Campaign

How to create scripts in Vicidial for Inbound or Outbound Campaign

Script  will show the content which we will configure in the script screen on agent screen . when calling to  outbound campaign number or call is coming to inbound campaign .

for example I have created a script for outbound campaign to just just the agent name who is calling and to whom he is calling. its depends upon how much data you have related to the you are calling or receiving call.

Your script will show under script tab   as in below image .

For above screen to show on agent screen you have to create script first and the while creating campaign you have to select the script.

1- Login to Vicidial admin Page

2- Go to scripts

3- Add New Script


under the script text  type all your script you want to show and just replace the text you want to pull from system database and leads . for example agent name  , dial customer name  etc . just choose from drop down menu and insert it.

4- Click on submit and click on preview Script.

5-  Now you can attach this script in the campaign for inbound or outbound.

Go to you campaign > click on dropdown list on script and select your script.

6- Click on submit  and check on agent screen.




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