How to configure Vicidial Campaign Prefix Setting

How to configure Vicidial Campaign Prefix Setting . When you have configured the Carrier  and SIP Trunk  and you want to use that trunk in any campaign.

Then you have to configure the Prefix under the Campaign setting.

For Example I have configured the SIP trunk with Following setting .


Here I am saying anything starting with 791 pass through this trunk and remove one digit from the begning . So to use this trunk you have to dial 791XXXXXXXXXX . then call will go through this trunk.

Below are the prefix setting under  Campaign . you can find in detailed view.

Prefix setting

Here I am adding prefix to the phone numbers as 791 to go through my defined SIP trunk.

I have chosen Omit Phone Code to Y   to don’t add 1 as country code with the phone numbers.

Below are the manul dial screen says everything of your setting.

agent screen

On the above figure you can see prefix of 791 is being added with the phone number you are dialing .

Dial Code 1 will be removed as you have selectected  Omit Phone Code to Y . 

Here you will dial just 10 digit of your phone number and call will pass through the trunk with prefix 791.


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