How to configure Reliance Jio SIP trunk on asterisk

How to configure Reliance Jio SIP trunk on asterisk

Reliance Jio  provide SIP E1 trunks with DIDs . For old PBX they give you SIP to E1 converter which give you RJ45 connector to connect your E1 port.

Jio put a fiber cable and terminate on ONT  from there they provide a network CAT 6 cable to put in to your network switch or directly to your IP PBX network interface not E1 interface .

Reliance jio provide SIP E1 trunk on there own IP address which will be configured on your asterisk server or Grandstream UCM or any IP IPBX .

1- Configure your network interface with IP address provided by jio on your Asterisk  or  IP PBX. Because they will send your SIP E1 traffice and DIDs on IP which they have provided and authenticated by jio network or you can say they are doing IP based SIP authentication .

they will give you IP address Subnet mask and Gateway IP and there SIP peer IP .

2- you will have to create trunk peer  based on there SIP Peer IP.

3- Configure there Pilot number on trunk.

4- create outbound route

5- create inbound route

for example Grandstream configuration is below

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