How to configure GoIP GSM SIP VOIP Gateway with ISSABEL PBX

How to configure GoIP GSM SIP VOIP Gateway with ISSABEL PBX

1- Login in to GoIP

GoIP default IP address is    default user name is admin password is admin .

Step 1-   Create trunk in the ISSABEL PBX  to configure GoIP

Under the general setting  i have  given below configuration


I have given maximum channels 1 because GoIP  is  having one channel only one SIM .

Very Important :-  Trunk name should be same as Trunk name given in outgoing setting.


Under the dialed number  manipulation rules  I have taken default

Under the outgoing setting  I have given below setting









I have  used      type = friend   because I want incoming and outing both.

this configuration will be used in GoIP device registration.

Under Incoming Setting I left blank







Under registration  i left blank





Step 2  we will configure in GoIP device .













Note:-   authentication name will same as trunk name you are created in ISSABEL PBX

Password will be what you have given under outgoing setting in trunk

SIP Registrar will be ISSABEL server IP .































Note :-  under Call in  use

CID Forward Mode    Use CID as SIP Calle

Otherwise you will not get calling number who is calling







































Step3  Now make inbound routes and outbound routes .


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