How to configure UCCX Simple Auto Attendant

How to configure UCCX Simple Auto Attendant

I  am going to configure UCCX and CUCM for simple Auto Attendant using inbuilt script (aa.aef) in Cisco UCCX. I am not making any restriction so I am not using CSS and Partition to make it very simple .

we need to go through following steps .

  • Creating UCCX Call Control Group (CTI Ports in CUCM)
  • Adding  UCCX Script Application
  • Adding UCCX Trigger (CTI Route Point in CUCM)
  • Make a Test Call to Auto Attendant

Before going above steps  UCCX basic configuration  should be done as AXL, JTAPI and RMCM integration. As it is the POST  UCCX configuration after installation  .

1-  Creating UCCX Call Control Group


Click on Add New

Give the Description

No of CTI Ports   according to your requirement and license

Starting Directory Number   for Example I  have taken  2666

(It will create CTI Ports with number  2666, 2667, 2668)

Device Pool


















Click on Add button

It will create 3 CTI Ports in CUCM


Check CTI ports in CUCM

Go to CUCM Administration page, Device >> Phones and find search for CTI Ports



Now Add UCCX Script Application

UCCX Administration, Applications >> Application Management >> Add New


Choose Application Type Cisco Script Application











Click on Next


Give the Name

Maximum Number of Session :-

(I have given 3 because I have created 3 CTI Ports )

Choose Script aa.aef

Click on Add Button

Now Click on Add New Trigger

It will popup and explorer window

Choose Unified CM Telephony Trigger


Now Give the Directory Number Where the Call will hit and run this Auto Attendant

Here I have given 2660  This page will create a CTI Route Point in CUCM with this Directory Number.


Under Call control Group Choose the Group you have created as I have created Helpdesk .

Click On Add button



Now you can Check CTI Route Point has been created in CUCM .

CUCM Administration page, Device >> CTI Route Point >> Find

Now Make a Test call on  2660  .

Now IVR must run

“Welcome to the automated attendant. To enter the phone number of the person you are trying to reach, press 1. To enter the name of the person you are trying to reach, press 2. To transfer to the operator, press 0”



Note :-

The ‘aa.aef’ and other sample IVR scripts are available at C:\Program Files (x86)\wfavvid_1151\Scripts\system\default


The Good Article I found step by step with call control  link

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