How to configure MGCP on Cisco Router and CUCM

How to configure MGCP on Cisco Router and CUCM

To configure MGCP  on Cisco Router and CUCM below are the steps

1- Configure  E1 or T1 Port to work with MGCP

2- Configure Router for MGCP to register on CUCM

3-Configure CUCM


For step 1

Follow the link

Step -2

mgcp call-agent service-type mgcp
mgcp bind control source-interface FastEthernet0/0.110
mgcp bind media source-interface FastEthernet0/0.110
mgcp dtmf-relay voip codec all mode out-of-band

ccm-manager mgcp
ccm-manager redundant-host
ccm-manager switchback immediate
ccm-manager music-on-hold
ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

Now run the command “sh ccm-manager” to check the Registration status .


Copy the MGCP Domain Name:

Note this is very important Domain name is case sensitive so copy from here .

Step 3  Configure CUCM

Go to Device > gateway

Click on Add New  and select Gateway  Type as Router Model

Select the Router Model from the drop down list

Select the Protocol  MGCP

Click on Next

Paste the Domain Name as you copied from router console

Domain Name  “”

Call Manager Group

Module in slot 0

Globel ISDN Switch type     NI2




Now Save and Apply


Now you will get the sub  drop down menu on Module in Slot 0

Choose your vvic card what  you have installed you can check on router by command “show invent”






Now save and Apply

Now you will get the port icon click on it


Now you will get the below page


Select the Digital Access PRI  and click Next

On Device information section

Select the below

Device Pool

Call Classification


On the call Routing information – Inbound Calls

define the Significant Digits




Now Click on save  and go to the router disable and enable mgcp

run below command

no mgcp




Now you can see your router T1 port is register with CUCM



Now you can see on your router registration status


Now you can test the incoming calls from outside if your configuration is OK.



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