How to configure Cisco Unity Connection with CUCM with SCCP

How to configure Cisco Unity Connection with CUCM with SCCP

I will be configuring very simple way without CSS and Partition with Default Basic Configuration.

Below are the Call flow From CUCM and Cisco Unity Connection.











We will follow the below Steps to configure CUCM and Unity

1- MWI Configuration
2- Voice Mail Port Configuration
3- Hunt List Configuration
4- Hunt Pilot Configuration
5- Voice Mail Pilot Configuration
6- Voice Mail Profile Configuration
7- Associate Voice Mail Profile in Line Page of All Phones
8- Unity Phone System Configurations
9- Port Group Configurations
10- Port Configurations

Step -1

Configure MWI

Cisco Unified CM Administration > Advance Features >Voice Mail > Message Waiting


Click on Add New 

Again Add New for off 



Step -2 Create Voice Mail Port

Cisco Unified CM Administration > Advance Features >Voice Mail >Cisco Voice Mail Port Wizard

Give a Name

Choose Number of Ports according to your License or requirement 

Click on Next

Give Description ,Device Pool ,Location, Device Security Mode 

Give a Beginning Directory Number  ,

For Example I have i given 2221  and previously i have chosen 3 ports So It will create  2221 ,2222,2223 

voice mail ports 

Choose Yes Add Directory numbers to new Line Group

Give the Line Group Name  and click Next

Check your Configuration and Click on Finish

Now Click on Hunt List link

Click on Add New

Give a Name of Hunt List and Choose CUCM Manager Group 

Note Tick on Check box Enable this Hunt List and For Voice Mail Usage

Click on Save 

Click on Add Line Group 

Click on OK

Click on Save

Click on OK


Now Create Hunt Pilot

Call Routing >> Route/Hunt >> Hunt Pilot


Click on Add New

Give the Hunt Pilot Number you want to use

Choose Hunt List

Uncheck Provide Outside Dial tone 

Choose Calling Name Presentation Allowed 


Now Create Voice Mail Pilot


Advanced Features >> Voice Mail >> Voice Mail Pilot >> Add New


Note :- Put  the same Number you have Chosen in Hunt Pilot Number


Now Create Voice Mail Profile

Advanced Features >> Voice Mail >> Voice Mail Profile >> Add New


Choose the Voice Mail Pilot which you have created

Click on Save 

Now We have Finished the CUCM Configuration part

Start Configuration of Cisco Unity Connection

Login to Cisco Unity Connection Administration page and go over to Telephony Integrations >> Phone System

Give a Name of Phone System  and Click on save



Now Click on Go Button to Add Port Group

Choose Phone System

Choose Port type SCCP

Device Name Prefix  (Copy from CUCM  >Advance Features>Voice mail>Cisco Voice mail Port)

Give MWI ON and OFF Numbers from CUCM  >Advance Features>Voice mail >Message Waiting

Give The CUCM PUB Server IP address under Primary Server Setting

Click On Save


Click On Edit > Servers


Add the Servers as Publisher and Subscriber 




Give the priority of Servers 0 1

Now Go to the Tools > Service Management 

Stop and Start Connection Conversation manager



Confirm Service has been started .

Now Define Which Codec will be used 

Telephony Integrations >> Port Group>>Edit>>Codec Advertiding



Choose the Codec



Click on Add Port Group


Choose Number of Port 3 as you chosen in CUCM Voice mail port 3 and all default values

Click on save
















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