Cisco UCS Boot from SAN Windows 2008 Installation Error 0x80300001

Cisco UCS Boot from SAN Windows 2008 Installation Error 0x80300001

Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error:0x80300001

Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computers’s hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk’s controller is enable in the computer’s BIOS menu.

This is a common Error while installing Windows 2008 server on Cisco UCS Blade Boot from SAN. 

You must consider following  points in your mind while installation.

1- Download the Driver iso from Cisco Website for the Blade .

Download Driver ISO

2- While installing Windows there should be single path to the mapped  LUN .

This you can do by placing vHBA in fake VSAN .

3- When you start installation windows  will not see the Hard disk .

4- Load the driver from the ISO you downloaded.

5- Driver Will be scanned and show you the driver

6- Press the Next button .

7- Now you will see the Hard Disk

8 – Next button will be grade out (Windows can not be install to this disk (show details)) Check the Picture


9-  To remove this Error just disconnect the Virtual media connected with Driver ISO file and Connect Windows 2008 installation ISO.


10 Click on Refresh


Now Next button will be active  and you can continue the installation .


Hope it will help you.

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