Cisco UCS KVM The Virtual Media program will close

Cisco UCS KVM The Virtual Media program will close

I was trying to mount ISO image on Cisco UCS KVM ,when I clicked on Virtual Media tab I got the following Error .ucskvm

I googled it and got solution remove all the java version and install 32 bit java .I tried lower version of java . Java version  7 update 25  (jre-7u25-windows-i586)  worked for me . I was able to map the iso images .I was using UCS version 2.1 (3a).

VOS3000 Switch Firewall rules

VOS3000 Switch  Firewall rules

If you are running you VOS3000 server behind the firewall then you need to allow the following ports on your firewall.

tcp port:
vos-client: 1202
web: 8080
H323: 1719 1720 3719 3720
H245: 10000-39999

UDP port:
SIP:5060, 5070(RC4) and addition you added
RTP: 10000-39999


fail2ban missing whois program

fail2ban missing whois program

missing whois program in fail2ban email alerts . you are not able to receive IP information .

#yum search whois

gnome-nettool.x86_64 : A GNOME interface for various networking tools
jwhois.x86_64 : Internet whois/nicname client.
perl-Net-Whois.noarch : Get and parse “whois” domain data from InterNIC
perl-Net-Whois-IP.noarch : Perl extension for looking up the whois information
: for ip addresses

# yum install jwhois.x86_64

now test whois command

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Windows Server 2008 TCP /IP Default gateway missing

Windows Server 2008 TCP /IP Default gateway missing

After rebooting of Windows 2008 server there TCP/IP setting Default gateway configuration removed .

Event putting back Default gateway configuration its not taking .

So you need to reset TCP/IP configuration . Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base  299357.

1- Open Command Prompt with Admin privilege.

2-  netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

3- Reboot the server

4- Give the TCP/IP default gateway  and check .

How to change VOS3000 server sip port 5060

How to change VOS3000 server sip port 5060

If you want to change vos3000 default sip port 5060 , 6060. you can change the SIP port no by editing

file  softswitch.conf   /usr/kunshi/mbx3000/etc/softswitch.conf


SS_SIPPORT=”5060,6060″       (Change port no here)