VOS3000 Switch Firewall rules

VOS3000 Switch  Firewall rules

If you are running you VOS3000 server behind the firewall then you need to allow the following ports on your firewall.

tcp port:
vos-client: 1202
web: 8080
H323: 1719 1720 3719 3720
H245: 10000-39999

UDP port:
SIP:5060, 5070(RC4) and addition you added
RTP: 10000-39999


How to change VOS3000 server sip port 5060

How to change VOS3000 server sip port 5060

If you want to change vos3000 default sip port 5060 , 6060. you can change the SIP port no by editing

file  softswitch.conf   /usr/kunshi/mbx3000/etc/softswitch.conf


SS_SIPPORT=”5060,6060″       (Change port no here)




VOS3000 Features

VOS3000 Features

Add Recaculate CDR for VOS3000
Add Database Connection & CDR Insert Fail Alarm for VOS3000
Support IP Block when Login Failed
Support Web https
Add Area Analysis Report
Fixed Phone Additional Settings on Web
Add Black/White Group
Add Domestic Business Setting for Phone
Add Callin/Callout/Total Capacity for Phone
Add Callin/Callout Prefix for Phone
Add IP Settings for DMZ

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VOS3000 Hacking prevention and protection

VOS3000 Hacking prevention and protection

VOS3000 old versions are being hacked . its costing too much money through illegal calls . you can prevent it some level  by taking some precaution .

1-  Make your server SSH root password complicated

2- Make your server mysql password complicated

3- Make your vos3000 client Admin password complicated

4- Make your vos3000 client user access password complicated.

5- Make your buyers and seller IP authenticated

6- make your firewall on

contact for more vos3000 security and firewall ,anti hack